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  • Dor Yang 765 Ultraviolet Visible Spectrophotometer
Dor Yang 765 Ultraviolet Visible Spectrophotometer

Dor Yang 765 Ultraviolet Visible Spectrophotometer

  • Product description: Dor Yang 765 Ultraviolet Visible Spectrophotometer

Dor Yang UV765  Ultraviolet Visible Spectrophotometer

The wavelength range


Metering mode


The measurement accuracy

0 1nm (D2 656 1nm), + 0.3nm region



Photometric range

±0.002A(0-0.5A)±0.004A0.5-1A),±0.3 %T (0100 %T)

The light source

Imported long-life tungsten lamp, deuterium lamp

Through a simple parameter setting, analysis conveniently photometric analysis, quantitative analysis, dynamic analysis, spectral scanning, multi wavelength measurement, DNA/ protein.

Characteristics of the instrument:

1. using the new ARM system, English dual operating system built-in, can transfer data through the USB interface storage.

2. powerful, the host can independently complete the photometric measurement, quantitative measurement, spectral scanning, dynamics, DNA/ protein test, multi wavelength measurement and data printing function.

3. instrument using 320*240 dot matrix liquid crystal display brightness 6, directly display the scanning map screen, simple interface, easy to use.

4.Optical system design of unique, high performance 1200 /mm grating and import receiver to ensure that the instrument has good performance.

5. socket deuterium lamp and tungsten lamp design, change after free optical testing.

6.The 4 bit high speed, high precision A/D conversion, high precision, fast response.

7.The sample room wide, can accommodate a variety of 5-100mm cuvette.

8. can be directly connected to the printer, print a map and experimental data.

9.English bilingual built-in operating system, easy to use.

10. through the eok scanning software can be directly on-line operation.

11. instruments with access to national patent rotating disc type automatic silk sample holder, good reliability, facula Center (compared with double automatic eight frame), and metering precision instrument)

Technical indicators:


The wavelength range

The spectral bandwidth

Wavelength accuracy

Wavelength repeatability

Photometric accuracy

Photometric repeatability

Stray light


Baseline flatness

Working mode

Wavelength drive

Data output

Print output

Display system

The light source



UV765               UV765PC

190-1100nm           190-1100nm

1.8nm                1.8nm (software)

0 LNM (D2 656 1nm), + 0.3nm region

Is less than or equal to 0.2nm

+ 0.002A (0-0.5A), 0.004A (0.5-1A), 0.3%T (0 ~ 100%T)

+ 0.001A (0-0.5A), 0.002A (0.5-1A), 0.15%T (0 ~ 100%T)

Is less than or equal to 0.05%T

0.0005A/h (500nm)

+ 0.0015A

T, A, C, E


The USB interface


320*240 bright 6 "LCD screen

Imported long-life tungsten lamp, deuterium lamp

Imported silicon photodiode

15kg                 18kg