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Thickness Tester

  • Dor Yang 210  Coating Thickness Gauge
Dor Yang 210  Coating Thickness Gauge

Dor Yang 210 Coating Thickness Gauge

  • Product description: Dor Yang 210 Coating Thickness Gauge

Dor Yang 210 Coating thickness gauge

Coating thickness gauge ,using eddy current thickness method, can be nondestructively measuring non-magnetic metal substrate ( such as: aluminum, copper, stainless steel ) of non-conductive coating thickness ( such as: paint, powder, plastic, rubber, enamel, enamel, coating etc.)

Dor Yang 210 Coating thickness characteristics

A、Fine small integrated design, convenient to carry

B、Simple operation, quick test speed

C、Two test methods: a continuous test  and a single measuring method

D、Four statistical functions: maximum value, minimum value, average value, the number of measurements

E、Can store 116 measurement data

F、The instrument can be connected computers communicate to read the stored data to save or print

G、Two calibration methods: zero calibration and two point calibration

H、Operation process has the buzz sound prompt ( single measurement )

I、Automatic recognition of Fe and NFe substrates

J、Low voltage indication

K、Manual / automatic shutdown function

Technical parameters:

A、Measuring range0-1000/2500μm

B、Using environment: 0-50 and 20%RH90%RH,not strong magnetic place.

C、the thinnest matrix: 0.4mm

D、measurement accuracy:±(1%-3%)+1.5

E、resolution ratio:0.1μm /1μm

F、minimum curvature:bugle5mm;concave5mm

G、minimum matrix:10*10mm

H、power source two alkaline batteries( no.5)